Swing Train Festival Rules

  1. Dusty Jazz is a sport Association: in order to attend the workshops, it is necessary to be associated. The cost of the member card is 10 €
  2. To register to Swing Train it is necessary to fill the form you can find in the “Registration” page. Once you send the form, your registration will be elaborated by our office, but your registration will be considered as valid only after you will receive an Email of REGISTRATION CONFIRMED, in which you will also find the info about payment method. Payment will have to be done within 5 calendar days from the date of Registration Confirmed Email. If no payment will be received, your registration will be considered as deleted.
  3. In case of cancellation, we will hold the following penalties:
    a)€ 15,00 until 20 calendar days before the beginning of the Festival.
    b) 50% of the amount payed: from 19 to 8 calendar days before the beginning of the Festival.
    c) 100 % of the amount payed: from 7 calendar days before the beginning of the Festival

  4. In order to better balance the number of leaders and followers, once we received your registration, we will pair you up with someone from the other role (a follower if you are leader and viceversa, and obviously only just to balance the number of leaders and followers.As usual during the classes couples will rotate).If we cannot find anyone to pair you up with, you might temporarily go on the waiting list.This is the reason why we suggest you to register in couple (with someone from the other role and of equal level).Even for the same reason , once your registration will be confirmed by the organizers, you are not allowed to add another partner with which you would have liked to register with, because at that time, we will have already balanced your registration, and adding a partner could affect the balance of leaders/followers of your level.
  5. The schedule of the Festival should be modified without refund, in case of changing in the teachers’ flights, or in case of their unexpected illness/injuries or for all the other possible reasons not depending on our will.
  6. In case of cancellation of your flights/train or in case of unexpected illness/injuries or for any other reasons who can cause your resignation, no refund is possible, if not within the terms of cancellation policy .In any case, please do not hesitate to contact us! We will be happy to help you in trying to re-sell your ticket.
  7. By filling out and submitting your registration to the Swing Train Festival and in accordance with the Acts 10 and 320 of the civil code and Acts 96 and 97 law 22.4.1941, n. 633, the participants allow the Organizers to use any photographs and films taken during the Festival,for promotional reasons.
  8. Participants have to be over 18 years old.Are you younger then 18 years old and you would like to attend the Festival? Contact us at
  9. We kindly ask you to respect the venues of the Festival and to keep them clean and tidy, thank you.
  10. We remind you that you have to change shoes before starting the class, and we suggest you to use shoes with slippery sole.
  11. The Organizers do not take responsibility for the participants’ accidents (including injuries and health damages) and losses, thefts and possession’s damages happened of any reason.